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Herbal Farma

Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen - Skin Care Serum
Brand: Herbal Farma Model: HUM1000
Thanks to the active ingredient of collagen, it helps to remove signs of aging and unwanted marks on your skin.Thanks to its Vitamin C content, it gives your face a natural shine and vitality.Hyaluronic Acid helps to meet the moisture need of your skin and plays an active role in providing a non-art..
Including taxes149.99₺
Brand: Herbal Farma Model: YAG156
Due to active ingredient it contains, it is a great laxative which does not cause any pain.Effective in hair loss and ringworm.Used as a hair styling product and gives a gloss to hair.Extremely beneficial for brittle nails and very dry skin...
Including taxes50.00₺
Brand: Herbal Farma Model: YAG157
Softens skin and reduces wrinkles along with aging effects.Moisturizes dry skins.Removes acnes.Nourishes dry and damaged hair, give a gloss.Used as a hair styling product.Can be used on hair with rubbing method; massaging on scalp...
Including taxes39.90₺
Juniper Oil
Brand: Herbal Farma Model: YAG145
Has diuretic, diaphoretic and antiseptic properties. Can be used for cellulitis, arterial stiffness and rheumatism...
Including taxes115.00₺
Brand: Herbal Farma Model: SMPN108
You will notice the difference on first use.Thanks to the herbal extracts and vitamins, it helps to nourish hair follicles, make your hair look healthier, lively and bright.Helps scalp to preserve the moisture balance and hair to gain volume.Suitable for all hair types...
Including taxes40.00₺
Brand: Herbal Farma Model: YAG151
Used internally for headaches, breath shortness, cough, rheumatism and bladder problems as well as externally for rheumatism, fungal infections, muscle sores and hair loss with a great level of success.Has antiseptic and diaphoretic properties..
Including taxes72.00₺
Brand: Herbal Farma Model: YAG150
Used for skin and hair-care.Used to prevent hair loss and dandruff and to strengthen hair.Not used internally...
Including taxes45.00₺
Lightening Skin Care Cream - Humre
Discount -22 %
Brand: Herbal Farma Model: TEA128
It is recommended in cases of painful menstruation, excessive menstrual bleeding, genital infection and discharge..
Including taxes30.00₺
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