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Carrot Oil - Herboil
Discount -40 %
Brand: Herbal Farma Model: KZMTK087
It can color our skin with the beta carotene it contains. It can heal the stretch marks in your body by rejuvenating and moisturizing them. Carrot oil moisturizes and protects the skin. Has a skin nourishing property. Good for dry skin. Prevents irritation, can heal dry skin areas. Carrot oil also r..
30.00₺ 50.00₺
Including taxes30.00₺
Brand: Herbal Farma Model: YAG160
Used externally in antimicrobial and analgesic (particularly in toothaches).Used in rheumatism Used internally as a gas reliever...
Including taxes50.00₺
Co Enzim Q10
Brand: Herbal Farma Model: SFTGL058
Helps the heart to function in a healthy way and has a healing effect over cardiovascular diseases. Cardiomyopathy (Cardiac muscle (Myocardium) disease). Arrhythmia (Irregular heartbeat-rhythmic dysfunction in the heart). Hypertension: CoQ10 adjusts blood pressure by reducing resistance towards bloo..
Including taxes120.00₺
Brand: Herbal Farma Model: KPSL017
Including taxes60.00₺
Brand: Herbal Farma Model: HFLY113
You will notice the difference on first use.Thanks to the herbal extracts and vitamins, it helps to nourish hair follicles, make your hair look healthier, lively and bright.Helps scalp to preserve the moisture balance and hair to gain volume.Suitable for all hair types...
Including taxes40.00₺
Brand: Herbal Farma Model: TBLT048
Recommended for Osteoporosis and Calcium and vitamin D deficiency. Recommended for broken bones and rickets disease. Recommended for treatment of cardiovascular, nervous and endocrinology systems..
Including taxes99.90₺
Eye Contour Care Serum - Humre
Discount -22 %
Brand: Herbal Farma Model: KZMTK092
The hyaluronic acid contained in its formula destroys the look of dark circles around eye contour by accelerating lymphatic drainage due to the property of the Dichondra Repens while providing moisture and fullness on that area; this powerful formula, consisting of strong peptide combinations, herba..
70.00₺ 90.00₺
Including taxes70.00₺
Eyebrow Eyelash Care Oil - Evtaf
Discount -33 %
Brand: Herbal Farma Model: KKBYE086
With its uniquely formulated herbal oils, this product will care and nourish your eyebrows and eyelashes and help them get stronger...
40.00₺ 60.00₺
Including taxes40.00₺
Face Lightening Cream - Humre
Discount -22 %
Brand: Herbal Farma Model: KZMTK096
Specially developed for skin blemishes, helps blemishes remove by balancing trezinas enzyme responsible for melanin synthesis in regular use. Thanks to its depigmentation agents and Vitamins E and B3, it helps dark skin, skin blemishes, sunspots, acne scars heal. It balances the skin tone.. It preve..
70.00₺ 90.00₺
Including taxes70.00₺
Feather Reducing Deodorant - Humre
Discount -29 %
Brand: Herbal Farma Model: KZMTK097
Special Formula that Does not Prevent SweatingNo Trace of any White and Yellow Stains or PowderSpecial Refreshing Fluid Texture Even Right After Use and Makes You Feel Fresh All DayOffers a Smooth Feeling, Slowing in Hair Growth and Thickness by Its Natural Extracts.Ease of Epilation and Increase Be..
50.00₺ 70.00₺
Including taxes50.00₺
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