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Maintenance Oils

Brand: Herbal Farma Model: YAG144
t is a neural system stimulator. Beneficial to loss of appetite, insomnia, gas relieving and decrease of the flow of milk in lactating women. Causes insobriety first and sleep afterwards in higher doses...
Including taxes30.00₺
Argan oil
Opportunity -29 %
Brand: Herbal Farma Model: KZMTK083
Helps dark spots, acne on the face, aging effects around the neck, cellulitis, and stretch marks to be removed, puts breasts in shape, and ensures them to be tighter and more moisturized. Argan Oil contains vitamin E and vitamin E helps scalp and hair follicles to be nourished. It also prevents hair..
50.00₺ 70.00₺
Including taxes50.00₺
Brand: Herbal Farma Model: YAG141
Used internally as cough reliever, intestinal worm expeller, has diuretic properties and is beneficial for diabetes. It is a fine skin-care product and is also used as massage oil for stress and fatigue...
Including taxes35.00₺
Brand: Herbal Farma Model: YAG142
Used as gas reliever for babies and stomach and it is antimicrobial. Additionally, used in rheumatic pains. It is an essential oil...
Including taxes30.00₺
Carrot Oil - Herboil
Opportunity -40 %
Brand: Herbal Farma Model: KZMTK087
It can color our skin with the beta carotene it contains. It can heal the stretch marks in your body by rejuvenating and moisturizing them. Carrot oil moisturizes and protects the skin. Has a skin nourishing property. Good for dry skin. Prevents irritation, can heal dry skin areas. Carrot oil also r..
30.00₺ 50.00₺
Including taxes30.00₺
Juniper Oil
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Brand: Herbal Farma Model: YAG145
Has diuretic, diaphoretic and antiseptic properties. Can be used for cellulitis, arterial stiffness and rheumatism...
Including taxes115.00₺
Brand: Herbal Farma Model: YAG143
Has gastric, diuretic, gas relieving and sweat preventing properties. Used as antiseptic and wound healer. Effective in skin-care and cleansing. Additionally, used to regulate the menstrual cycle and balance the hormones in women...
Including taxes85.00₺
Skin Care Oil - Ozoksijen
Opportunity -33 %
Brand: Herbal Farma Model: OZK118
Skin renewal and a more youthful appearanceSkin and cell revivalDry skinsBurns and sun burns Wrinkles...
40.00₺ 60.00₺
Including taxes40.00₺
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