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Anti Acne Cream - Humre
Brand: Herbal Farma Model: KZMTK088
Care Cream hydrates dry skin as it becomes scaly, chapped or taut due to external factors. Thanks to its herbal plant extracts, it gives moisture to the skin and protects the skin barrier against external factors. It acts on acnes. Skin absorbs the cream quickly due to its light and supple tone and ..
Including taxes70.00₺
Brand: Herbal Farma Model: KZMTK096
Specially developed for skin blemishes, helps blemishes remove by balancing trezinas enzyme responsible for melanin synthesis in regular use. Thanks to its depigmentation agents and Vitamins E and B3, it helps dark skin, skin blemishes, sunspots, acne scars heal. It balances the skin tone.. It preve..
Including taxes90.00₺
Brand: Herbal Farma Model: KZMTK095
It protects your body against the harmful radiation of sun and reduces the risk of skin cancer, premature aging and sunburns...
Including taxes90.00₺
Rose Extract Intensive Care Cream - Humre
Brand: Herbal Farma Model: KZMTK093
Humre skin cream formulized for all skin types in a special way is a fine antioxidant with its vitamin E bubbles bursting on skin. In this way, it protects the skin and prevents wrinkles. Shea butter it contains helps skin to stay hydrated. Rose oil and other ingredients make your skin all glossy an..
Including taxes60.00₺
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