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Anise Oil
Brand: Herbal Farma Model: YAG144
t is a neural system stimulator. Beneficial to loss of appetite, insomnia, gas relieving and decrease of the flow of milk in lactating women. Causes insobriety first and sleep afterwards in higher doses...
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Anti Acne Cream - Humre
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Brand: Herbal Farma Model: KZMTK088
Care Cream hydrates dry skin as it becomes scaly, chapped or taut due to external factors. Thanks to its herbal plant extracts, it gives moisture to the skin and protects the skin barrier against external factors. It acts on acnes. Skin absorbs the cream quickly due to its light and supple tone and ..
Including taxes105.00₺
Apricot Oil
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Brand: Herbal Farma Model: YAG161
Recommended for all skin types.It is particularly ideal for face cleansing.Used for acnes.Contains vitamin A and minerals...
Including taxes80.00₺
Argan oil
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Brand: Herbal Farma Model: KZMTK083
Helps dark spots, acne on the face, aging effects around the neck, cellulitis, and stretch marks to be removed, puts breasts in shape, and ensures them to be tighter and more moisturized. Argan Oil contains vitamin E and vitamin E helps scalp and hair follicles to be nourished. It also prevents hair..
Including taxes255.00₺
Argan Oil Hand and Face Care Cream
Brand: Herbal Farma Model: HUM3000
It is one of the best multipurpose skin care solutions.Deeply moisturizes with clinically proven anti-aging and brightening benefitsReduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinklesIt increases elasticity and acts as a remover of age spots.HUMRE hand and face cream helps to make your skin silky soft..
Including taxes150.00₺
Argan Oil Shampoo - Raşitoğlu
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Brand: Herbal Farma Model: YAG146
It is particularly recommended for dry, stretched and chapped skin. Moisturizes skin. Used in cosmetics industry...
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Brand: Herbal Farma Model: YAG152
Cures cellulitis.Beneficial to bee stings Its scent keeps mosquitos and bedbugs away.Used as gas reliever and urinary tract antiseptic...
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Bitter Apple Oil
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Brand: Herbal Farma Model: YAG142
Used as gas reliever for babies and stomach and it is antimicrobial. Additionally, used in rheumatic pains. It is an essential oil...
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