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Kids / Baby Hair and Body Shampoo

Kids / Baby Hair and Body Shampoo
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Kids / Baby Hair and Body Shampoo
  • You will notice the difference on first use.
  • Thanks to the herbal extracts and vitamins, it helps to nourish hair follicles, make your hair look healthier, lively and bright.
  • Helps scalp to preserve the moisture balance and hair to gain volume.
  • Suitable for all hair types.
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Kids / Baby Hair and Body Shampoo - Raşitoğlu

Babies and children are much more sensitive than adults in all aspects. Babies, in particular, have thinner skin than an adult's skin. The reason for this is the low amount of fat in their body. For this reason, you should be very careful when choosing shampoo for babies and choose among shampoo varieties with herbal additives.

Raşitoğlu manufactures baby shampoo with its experience in the production of herbal shampoo. Since these shampoos are completely natural and additive-free, they can be used safely for children and babies. So, what are the advantages of herbal shampoos produced for children and babies over other shampoos? Why should shampoo with herbal additives be preferred? Here are the reasons to use herbal shampoo for babies and children.

Skin-Friendly Herbal Shampoos Babies' skin is much less oil than adults. The fat layer on the skin plays a protective role against external factors. However, the thinner this layer in children causes them to be exposed to dangers. For this reason, products that do not remove the already low fat layer on babies' skin should be preferred. The baby shampoo prepared carefully by Raşitoğlu is one of these skin-friendly products.

Specially produced for babies and children, this herbal shampoo does not cause irritation or skin diseases such as eczema, as it is a skin-friendly product. With this herbal shampoo, which is a completely reliable product, you can give your babies and children a quality shower pleasure.

In addition, attention should be paid to the pH balance before taking baby shampoo. The ideal pH is 5.5. If you pay attention to this ratio in your shampoo choice, you will not disturb the skin balance of your babies and children. The pH balance of Raşitoğlu children's shampoo is suitable for your baby's skin health. Thanks to this safe product, babies' delicate skin is protected against bad bacteria.



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